Helen Say

Helen has over 20 years dedicated practice of yoga and experimentation with a range of styles and teachers. Drawing from an Anusara background she uses principles of alignment combined with devotional flow to create an eclectic and unique mix. 

Having spent years and hundreds of hours training in Thai massage and Osteothai, she offers her knowledge of sacred touch when both adjusting and teaching students in yoga, and offering healing treatments. Up until 3 years ago she was teaching retreats and trainings across Europe and Asia, such as Jiva Healing fasting retreats and Swaha Yoga Teacher trainings.  Since having a little girl, she is now offering yoga classes in English in Karlsruhe. 

Her classes are an eclectic mix available to all, which include breath work, sound & mantra weaving through asana into meditation & relaxation. 

She is a certified Anusara Inspired Yoga teacher & Osteothai practitioner.  She also teaches Level 1 & 2 Thai Massage now in Karlsruhe.  She is English in origin but spent many years living & working outside of the UK.